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La trapa

The nature reserve and special protection area for birds of La Trapa is a beautiful place located in the Tramuntana mountains. In 1810, the trappist monks settled in the valley and this place was named after them. The ecologist group GOB is in charge of the preservation of La trapa.

We go here often to enjoy the nature while enjoying the beautiful hike starting and ending in Sant Elm. The hiking trail taking you to La Trapa is approximately 8 kilometers. The hike is quite steep, and often referred to as a moderate hike, meaning it is categorized in between easy and hard.

The views are truly mesmerizing, and makes the ultimate award after the steep walk from the back of the mountain. You will notice that there are two options in the beginning of the hike, and we are always choosing the long way from behind the mountain (going straight in the beginning instead of to the left) to make it the full 8 kilometers hike.

We keep coming back here as it makes a perfect day trip from Palma. The drive is 40 minutes, and the hike takes around 3 hours. The months from October to May are truly great for hiking on Mallorca, and La trapa is one of many beautiful hiking excursions that the island offers that we keep coming back to.

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