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In the Tramuntana mountains, a short hike or car ride from Soller, you will find the beautiful village of Fornalutx. The village is often pointed out as one of the most beautiful in Spain, and it is not hard to understand why.

The village is quite small but every single corner of it is breathtakingly beautiful. Make it a wonderful day trip by driving to Soller and walk the remaining distance to Fornalutx, it is a beautiful hike surrounded by lemon, olive and orange trees.

With a history going more than 1000 years back, Fornalutx is one of the most well-preserved old villages in Spain. The old stone houses accompanied by the lush streets and the mountain backdrop is truly a magical combination.

There is beauty to find everywhere and the main attraction in Fornalutx is the village itself. Allow yourself to walk around slowly to absorb the relaxed atmosphere, it is almost hard to imagine that tranquil and untouched places like Fornalutx still exists. It is a must see as well as a place to dream away to.

One of my first motives for mallorca prints is from this gorgeous village, so that you can bring a piece of Fornalutx to your home. mallorca prints are prints from the island printed on natural birch paper and 10% of all sales are donated to Cleanwave Movement. Find the prints here:

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