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Salt des Freu – a natural waterfall on Mallorca

When the island has had a lot of rain and the sun is back, Salt des Freu is the perfect excursion.

Salt des Freu is located just outside the beautiful village Orient in the Tramuntana mountains. If it has been dry for a long time, this whole area will be without water, so make sure to go when there has been rain.

How to get here: drive to Bunyola and continue towards Orient. When you are almost in Orient, there are hiking trails starting on the right side of the road. Follow the signs towards Santa Maria (you will not go all the way to Santa Maria though, this is just the direction you have to follow). The walk is easy and takes approximately 10-15 minutes. You have to climb over two gates, and when you have climbed over the second one you are almost there.
What can be tricky once you are getting closer is to cross the water leading down to the waterfall, but there is always one way or another to get over.

Also, be aware of the road cut off between Orient and Alaró, which means you have to take the road through Bunyola to get here right now.

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